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The performance of the HDPE/UHMWPE crane leg pad: 

UHMWPE is a kind of flexible and constant molecular weight polyethylene engineering plastic. 

The polyethylene UHMWPE crane leg pad/Jack pad is mainly used for cushioning under the legs of construction machinery to play a supporting role. 

Uhmwpe Crane leg pads have high strength and rigidity, which can reduce the deformation of the pad body when stressed. 

UHMWPE Crane leg pad manufacturers provide stable support for construction machinery,greatly save the cost of use and improve the quality of work. 

The UHMWPE crane leg pad Jack pad is composed of a plate-shaped pad body and a nylon portable rope. 

The plate-shaped backing plate body is made of UHMW/HDPE polymer composite material. 

The four corners of the backing plate support a 60mm bearing pressure of 15-18 tons/cm2 or more, which can be used normally in harsh environments. 

Uhmwpe outrigger pads jack pad can be bent without breaking when overloaded. The portable rope is made of nylon material.

 There are many specifications of the crane leg pads/ outriger pads /jack pads and can be customized. 

The end of the portable rope is embedded in the pad body for easy transportation and arrangement.

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