Non sticky uhmwpe coal bin liner double liner factory supply in China

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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) due to its extremely high melt viscosity, it is not liquid even when heated to its crystalline melting point, and this immobility is due to the high degree of entanglement of its ultra-long single molecular chain . In addition to the excellent performance of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient and low temperature resistance, it also has the advantages of low cost. uhmwpe is widely used in coal mines, silos, truck liners and other fields.

UHMWPE bunker liner features :
① Outstanding abrasion resistance;
② Very high impact strength and fracture resistance;
③ Excellent chemical stability and low adhesion;
④ Extremely strong ultra-low temperature characteristics;
⑤ Very low friction coefficient;
⑥ Excellent self-lubrication;
⑦ Does not absorb water;
⑧ High absorption rate of impact energy and sound absorption and noise reduction characteristics;

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