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Anti Radiation Borated polyethylene plates BPE sheets Application

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Anti Radiation Borated polyethylene plates BPE sheets Application



Boron-containing polyethylene board BPE sheet is a good neutron protection material to replace paraffin and borax. It is made by mixing boron-containing board and boron carbide powder in high molecular polyethylene materials through high-speed stirring, kneading, plasticizing, and hot pressing. A new type of composite protective material.

The boron-containing polyethylene plates BPE sheet has high-performance products such as anti-neutron radiation and nuclear radiation protection. Research shows that the boron-containing radiation-proof polyethylene sheet can prevent the harm caused by nuclear radiation and neutron radiation to individuals and society. It can be processed in conventional special shapes.

   In boron-containing polyethylene, boron is mainly used for absorption. The reaction cross-section of boron to low-energy neutrons is relatively large. The low-energy neutrons are basically completely absorbed by boron before the hydrogen reaction occurs. When the mass percentage of boron-containing polyethylene is 10% and the thickness is 15cm, the boron-containing polyethylene pairs The protective effect of neutrons has reached the requirements.

Application areas:

The boron-containing polyethylene sheets produced by our company are mainly used in major nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors, China National Petroleum Corporation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, research laboratories, nuclear experiment product tanks, neutron beam collimators, neutron traps, and control rod materials for nuclear reactors. Research fields such as nuclear protection materials. As a material that protects against neutrons, rays, and radiation absorption.


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