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Green UHMWPE FENDER PADS FOR Korea market port construction

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In order to reduce the coefficient of friction, reduce the shear force on the fender when the ship is berthing (while berthing), thereby extending the service life of the product. As a result, a super arch fender with anti-scour steel frame (with PE) in the front appeared, mainly to reduce the impact on the fender mooring city, the fender plate, and better serve the fender, so now large port terminals All are equipped with fender panels (UHMW-PE panels).

UHMW-PE fender panels and fender sills are one of the products that our company has researched and developed in ports and docks. With light weight, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, low friction coefficient, energy absorption and other excellent properties, UHMWPE PADS can effectively prevent the impact of ultraviolet radiation and hull impact on the hull and dock.


Our company's product specifications and dimensions are produced according to customer requirements. Ultra-high polyethylene polyethylene terminal fenders can be processed and produced as long as you have drawings.

If  you have any request , feel free contact with us freely email joanna@sdxxhg.com 

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