HDPE ice hockey dasher board/barrier/ hockeyplastic panel synthetic ice for skating 标准冰球厂围栏

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HDPE ice hockey dasher board/barrier/ hockeyplastic panel synthetic ice for skating


Xinxing is becoming the exclusive developer and manufacturer of ice rink products in China. 

We can supply the complete set of hockey fence board, it includes HDPE( high density polyethylene ) panel, steel frame, steel triangular support, handrail, screw. The installation of dasher board is easy and simple. Every piece is hand crafted by expert worker with the highest quality materials to ensure quality and durability, and comes with 5-year warranty. Now you can enjoy skating and playing hockey anywhere , anytime and of any size. NO power, no water, no freezers or coolers or zamboni required.

Advantages of mobile ice rink

1.    Ice skating is feasible in the four seasons all the year around

2.    Usage is available indoor and outdoor

3.    Fit for fixed and mobile ice rinks because of its easily and conveniently  installation

4.    Low cost management: utilities bills are saved for water and electric being not needed

5.    Easy maintenance

6.    Longer service lifetime of not less than 10 years

7.    Green, environmental protection and no pollution

8.    Completely  recyclable

9.    Using  with the common ice skating equipment


 Application of mobile ice rink

1.     The middle or large amusement park

2.     Some training facilities

3.     Ice-sports such as speed and figure skate, ice-hockey, curling area

4.     Shopping centres

5.     Sport shop and parks

6.     Ice Events, fairs and theatres, etc.

7.     Hotel and children’s slide

8.     Entertainment and holiday villages


Inexpensive: Low operating and maintenance costs

Usable 365 days a year: The system can be used in any place and in any weather condition.

Easy skating: skating experience similar to that on natural ice

Unaffected by the weather or place: year-round skating indoor and outdoor with every weather

Extensive use: use for leisure and professional activities 

Long life services: The lifespan is significantly longer than that of the traditional plastic ice-rinks

Complete ice railing: White Dasher Facing, Yellow Kickplate, Blue Caprail, Steel frame(Aluminum frame), Screws. 

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