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Slide board  comprehensive training mat has been loved by professional fitness coaches, personal trainers and home fitness enthusiasts because it is not only a fun and challenging lower body exercise, but also a highly effective body training tool.

The "Slide Board Comprehensive Training Mat" is equipped with a special anti static shoe cover, which can achieve approximately resistance-free lateral movement and can train your muscles; general sports, such as running or cycling, tend to move in the direction Forward or backward, up and down, but like basketball, football, skating, etc., you need to do fast lateral movement, and at this time, more attention is paid to leg and hip muscle training


1. When laying, the side with black mesh elastic material is the lower surface, which acts as a buffer, smooth and noise reduction. Place this surface on a smooth tile or wooden floor.

2. The white surface is the upper surface. It will cooperate with a special shoe cover to provide a gliding effect. Never step on it directly with shoes or damage it with other foreign objects.

3. Rehabilitation crowds or young children should be used with someone to ensure safety.

Popular size:

1500 * 500 * 3mm / 1800 * 500 * 3mm / 2000 * 500 * 3mm / 2300 * 500 * 3mm

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