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Temporary paving slabs for roads, also known as polyethylene temporary paving slabs, are made of high-molecular polyethylene composite materials.

The unique herringbone surface design of the polyethylene temporary paving slab, including the strong and protruding anti-skid pattern, solves the phenomenon of sliding and sinking of vehicles and goods.


The flexible characteristics of polyethylene temporary paving slabs can be designed and sized according to the contour of the road surface, which solves the problems of muddy and inclination of the road surface. It can be used normally and used hundreds of times under extremely hot and cold weather conditions.


Polyethylene temporary paving slabs are produced using advanced technology, non-slip base surface, new type of connection, light weight, convenient to carry, can be moved at will, easy to install, good toughness, excellent chemical resistance, and will not rust. Rotten, easy to clean, no exudate, environmental protection, low interval, less damage to tires and other contact parts. It is suitable for any weather pavement, lawn transportation, and muddy pavement to protect the lawn from the damage of transport vehicles.

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