High quality UHMWPE synthetic ice panel

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UHMWPE Synthetic Mat for Ice Skating Rink

  • Portable UHMWPE Ice Rink
  • Synthetic Ice Skating Rink
  • Plastic Ice Rink
  • Hocky Rink
  • Rail System

we are professional plastic panels favricated plant with special compound that provide gliding properties most similar to ' real' ice, These panels represent a viable alternative to artificial ice-rinks,making ice-skating possible,almost anywhere,at any time and at an incredibly reasonable price. It have good performance in cool winter.

We also can supply the complete set of hockey fence board,it includes HDPE/UHMWPE panel,steel frame, steel triangular support,handrail, screw.

 Benefits of ice sheet :

  • Designed for basement, garage, outdoor and applications where flooring is very level.
  • Less expensive than real ice
  • The right size for any space
  • Any climate, any season
  • Feels just like real ice
  • Bo chillers or compressors
  • No noise pollution
  • No electricity cost
  • Completely recyclable

Standard size

 2m x 1m x (15-25)mm

1m x 1m x (15-25)mm

Thickness: 15mm and 20mm are popular with our customers.  

Any other thickness you're intereted can also be customer-made. please contact at: joanna@sdxxhg.com