UPE sliding cube block mats with tunnel

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UPE sliding cube block mats with tunnel  

The performance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene processing parts: 

1. The self-lubricating property is very close to that of PTFE  

2. The impact energy absorption value is a value among all plastics, and the noise reduction effect is very good; 

3. The chemical stability is not low, and it is It can withstand various corrosive media and organic media and uses within the temperature and concentration range.

4 The anti-adhesion ability is very strong, second only to polytetrafluoroethylene; 

5 It is completely hygienic and non-toxic, and can be used in contact with food;

6 The density is small in all engineering plastics. It is 56% lighter than PTFE. In addition to heat resistance, the comprehensive performance of UHMW-PE exceeds that of "plastic king" PTFE, so it is called "surprising plastic" by Europe and America. Application areas: food industry and electronics, ordinary mechanical components, bottles Body, canning and packaging machinery, refrigeration equipment.