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what is the best medical radiation protection material ?--Boron-containing polyethylene board

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 What is the best  medical radiation protection material  ?--Boron-containing polyethylene board 


Boron-containing polyethylene board is a medical radiation protection material

Boron-containing polyethylene sheet polyethylene has the characteristics of light weight and small size, and is widely used in nuclear power, nuclear power, space radiation protection, military industry, aerospace, medical and other fields.

Boron-containing polyethylene sheet is a new alternative material that combines the characteristics of lead and boron. 

The advantages of boron-containing polyethylene sheet polyethylene are hydrocarbons, high hydrogen content and good fast neutron attenuation ability. The boron absorption of thermal neutrons has a special effect on the isolation of gamma radiation. 

Therefore, the lead-boron polyethylene board plant has the function of isolating fast neutrons and absorbing thermal neutrons. The popularization and application of the lead-boron polyethylene board factory helps simplify the isolation structure, reduce the weight of the isolator, and reduce the volume of the isolator.

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