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The difference between polyethylene temporary ground mats and steel temporary road plates

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Ground temporary mats/road plates  on the market today generally have two materials, one is made of iron and the other is made of polyethylene composite material. When a vehicle passes or encounters heavy rain, the noise of the iron paving slab will be very large, and its weight is relatively heavy, so it is inconvenient to carry. This is unacceptable to many customers , but the polyethylene composite HDPE ground mats is effective to avoid these .


Compared with iron ground mats, polyethylene composite HDPE ground mats have the advantages as below :


A  light weight , easy handling ,easier to carry for workers .

B  high load bearing, with a heavy uploads

C  high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, good toughness, shock absorption, moisture resistance, etc.

D  It can be used repeatedly. It is a good product with green environmental protection, and is an ideal material for long-term project construction sites.


The surface of polyethylene composite HDPE ground mats produced by our company is designed with anti-skid patterns, which solves the phenomenon of sliding and sinking of vehicles and goods. As a temporary road mats, it avoids damage to the lawn or road, effectively improves work efficiency, and reduces the impact of on-site construction. In sand, muddy swamps, and snow, it can be placed under the wheel to increase friction.


We have variety types of temporary ground mats for you selecting , also our sales team will make you a prefect ground protection plan to fully meet your requirement . 

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