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Best anti slip HDPE ground mats hexagon design for crane excavator

2020-5-20      View:

With great effort , our technical developed our new special own Hexagon patter for HDPE ground protection mats . 

This pattern is average  on the  mats surface , so its anti slip effect is much better than the other patterns . 

with more better anti slip effect , these grounds can be applied in many situation .

For the crane excavator , if ground surface is flat and this HDPE hexagon mats can be used to protect ground surface and much lower construction cost . 

Also we have some other types ground mats for your selecting , if you have a requirement , just feel free contact with us freely .

Professional sales team will give you best ground protection plan . 

We have a complete organization and strong technical team , and has the ability to continuously research new technologies and products. At present, we have the most advanced processing equipment, testing equipment and testing methods in the this  industry, and more professional and high-quality design, production, Construction team.

We are your best partner for ground protection /construction mats / temporary access projects . 

feel free contact with us freely